2020 Issan

6 x 750ml
Technical Attributes
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Winemakers Note

ONE OF THE BEST ISSAN EVER PRODUCED ! Having belonged to the Foix de Candale family, which had to abandon it during the French Revolution, Château d’Issan had owners, who became more and more committed to shaping the property’s destiny. In 1824, Jean-Baptiste Duluc took over the estate and launched a series of projects to improve the vineyard, before selling it to the Blanchy family. In 1866, Gustave Roy settled as head of Château d’Issan: he had the first gravity-fed cellars built and undertook most importantly to replant the vineyard that had been devastated by phylloxera. During the period between the two World Wars, the estate was unfortunately left to deteriorate, but was reawakened by the Cruse family, owners since 1945. Under the management of Lionel Cruse, the chateau has been restored, the installations modified and the vineyard replanted. Since 1998, as a result of investments made by Lionel’s son Emmanuel Cruse in the vines and cellars, Château d’Issan wines have become even more a faithful reflection of their exclusive terroir. In 2012, Françoise and Jacky Lorenzetti, who also own Château Lilian Ladouys in Saint-Estèphe and Château Pedesclaux in Pauillac, joined forces with the Cruse family. With tenacity, passion and courage, the different generations have worked to achieve the renewal of Château d’Issan, which has regained its former glory. Key Points - The magical 45th parallel line crosses precisely their historical Clos d'Issan - One of the rare blend to contain Malbec - The heart of the vineyard is located close to the Gironde estuary in an “enclos” build in 1644, at about 1000m of Château Margaux; a typical gravel terroir, that gives its structure to the wines. Tasting With its subtle aromas and moreish fruit, the 2020 vintage is a fine expression of the quintessential Margaux terroir. Precision combines with elegance to reveal an explosion of flavour. Its delicate, harmonious tannins envelop the palate, then give way to a long, hedonistic finish. What a sumptuous vintage!