2018 Petit Cheval Blanc

Technical Attributes
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Winemakers Note

Background In 2006, Château Cheval Blanc acquired Château La Tour du Pin, the two estates are separated only by a small road leading from Saint Emilion to Pomerol. It was found that 1.3872 hectares out of eight had a superb potential for red wines, with a terroir exactly like Cheval Blanc’s. This part of the vineyard was therefore absorbed into that of the Château Cheval Blanc in 2012. The rest, 6,6 hectares, had very different, but just as interesting profile. The terroir was less dry there. This normally constitutes a handicap for red wines, but is an asset for whites. This is how in 2008 Petit Cheval Blanc was born, a genuine variation, in white, of the identity of Cheval Blanc, it’s a blend of some 13 different plots, on sandy and clay soils, where 80% sauvignon blanc and 20% sémillon fit perfectly. This year, more than 20% of the blend is made up of Semillon. Vintage notes After a very wet January, February was more in line with normal rainfall, but very cold. After a quite heavy rainfall in March, almost twice the seasonal normal, temperatures and rainfall returned to average in May and June. After June 15th, dry and hot weather set in for the summer. It lasted long beyond the harvest, which took place from August 28th to September 10th. Tasting notes The colour is clear, limpid, brilliant, a beautiful yellow-green. The first nose is discreet, dominated by citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit). By airing it, floral notes take over (lime blossom, lilac, white flowers). The “newborn” sémillon in the blend opens up a new aromatic register, made up of white-fleshed fruits (peach, pear), and a delicate note of acacia honey and beeswax. The wood, remarkably discreet, brings a mineral and smoky touch. The fresh and precise attack continues in the mid-palate with impressive amplitude and volume. The balance between fat and acidity brings great depth in the mouth, and the long finish is slightly enhanced by a nice bitterness.