2018 Mystery Superstar Central Otago Pinot Noir

2018 Mystery Superstar Central Otago Pinot Noir


Products like this are the reason we sell mystery wines...

It's an uncompromising, super high quality Pinot Noir sourced from Central Otago - home to some of the world's finest wines. 

It's a $75 release, made by one of the most famous Pinot producers in the world, that you can have for HALF the cellar door price.

Oh yes, this won't last long!

A quick look at the facts and you'll agree this mystery Pinot Noir is exceptional:

  • Sourced from a certified organic block in the heart of Central Otago.
  • The wine was wild fermented over a full four weeks with lots of whole bunches for aroma and structure.
  • Made by a winery which is a regular entrant in Wine Spectator's Top 100 (they were there only recently) and has been declared one of the Top 100 Wineries in the World according to Wine & Spirits Magazine multiple times.
  • This mystery winery has also taken out some of the biggest trophies and awards in the wine industry, with Pinot Noir a key focus.
What are you waiting for? This is the biggest mystery deal of the year, maybe even the decade. Don't be the person who misses out...

Expert Reviews

Johan AxlundIf only we could publish the scores... but that would make it to easy to uncover this heralded wine. Sorry!

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How's it taste?

A intensely dense and powerful bouquet, with red and black fruits aplenty, following by robust sheets of tannin with apline herb, cherry and violet liquer. Expect power, expect intensity and expect a long life.

How was it made?

What do you expect? We tell you every little detail about this famed wine, right down to the single-vineyard in Central Otago it comes, just so you can do a little digging and find out everything there is to know about this INSANELY good deal...

Well, I can't blame you for trying, but on this one, our lips are sealed. You will not get a peep from us, other than a stray alcohol content (between 13% and 14%), its made in a gravity flow vineyard, wholebunches are in the ferment, which is naturally kicked off with indigenous yeast, and the portion of new oak is roughly a quarter. That's it!

Who made it?

Our Mystery Wineries are found right around the country, some of which you will know very well. Many of our Mystery Wines are already well known to wine buyers and sell for much higher prices under their own label. But winemakers need to eat, and when it comes time to find space for a new vintage, they naturally want to sell whatever they can quickly. Which is where we come in. We agree to take a few cases of said wine in exchange for a better price (so we can sell it cheaper). The condition being that the wine can't be sold under it's original label (hence the "Mystery"). The end result is the same wine, but at fantastic bargain prices! Our Mystery Wines are all covered by our full money back guarantee, purely because we know the vino in the bottle is good quality. We'll never sell below par, 'out of condition' wines. Ever. It's simple, same wine, hidden label, cheaper result.

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