2018 Brane Cantenac

6 x 750ml
Technical Attributes
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Winemakers Note

On his path to forging a very distinct identity for his wine, Henri Lurton has elevated Brane Cantenac as one of the most elegant and refined wines in the médoc. Thanks to a generation’s worth of intense and thorough work in the vineyard, the wines of Brane are indeed getting ever more profound and accomplished with each new vintage. We are absolutely convinced that time will reveal 2018 as an all-time high for Brane Cantenac, making it a must have this year. You will find herebelow a note from Henri Lurton explaining vintage 2018 at Brane. "Exceptional vintages usually are easy vintages, both for the both vineyard manager and cellar master. In 2018, decisions were absolutely crucial. In the vineyard, constant vigilance was key to protecting the crop (even more so because of the unusually wet spring) as well as reaching optimum ripeness to avoid overly high concentration. In the cellar, we carried out a tailor-made winemaking process with more than 80 separate batches. What brought 2018 up to par with the most prestigious vintages was the buffering effect of our exceptional terroir. Its natural drainage hindered rapid growth after late rain spells. The deep clayey gravels enabled early and full ripeness without concentration by supplying sufficient water resources throughout the long period of drought. The cabernet sauvignons that represent ¾ of the blend for the Grand Vin are on the same quality level as previous great vintages such as 2010, 2015 or 2016 to mention only the most recent ones. The merlots that add the finishing touch to the blend haven’t displayed such quality since 2005. While their fantastic fruitiness and incredible silkiness only enhance Brane they’re the basis for a flamboyant Baron de Brane. The entire team at Brane-Cantenac and myself are very proud to offer you these wines that can only gain understanding and recognition over the years."

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