2018 Artigiano Pinot Grigio Venezie DOC

2018 Artigiano Pinot Grigio Venezie DOC


A true classic Italian.

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Pinot Grigio
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How's it taste?

This is a delicious expression of the archetypal Northern Italian white –Pinot Grigio. Ripe orchard fruit flavours are beautifully tempered by crisp citrus notes and a trace of minarality. Fresh and well balanced, it has a zesty dry finish that will leave you impatient for the next sip. A perfect aperitif on those warm, summery evenings, it can also be enjoyedwith a wide variety of seafood and white meat dishes, tapas and dips.

How was it made?

The Veneto is a small but highly important region tucked into the north-eastern corner of Italy. Its unique location is the meeting point of the cooler mountainous north of the Italian Alps, and the warmer, drier lands to the south. The cooling breezes from the Adriatic and from Lake Garda help to protect the vines from the intensity of the summer heat, while the mountains create a vital barrier to the freezing Alpine winter winds. This cooler climate helps the region to be able to produce quality wines with great consistency, and is extremely well suited to white varietals such as Pinot Grigio and Garganega

Who made it?

Artigiano is an exciting brand of artisan wines, made and imported by McLaren Vale’s Aramis Vineyards. Each wine is produced in consultation with Aramis’s own winemakers, with the sole aim of capturing the essence of classic Italian wine styles, using local varietals made in the traditional styles. Some are well-known and loved, such as our Veneto Pinot Grigio, while others may be a little left of centre (Sicilian Grillo, anyone?), but each of the wines shares two common features – vibrant, expressive flavours, and outstanding value for money.

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