2017 Wildside Reserve Tasmanian Pinot Noir

2017 Wildside Reserve Tasmanian Pinot Noir

44% off RRP
$25.99 per bottle
In stock, ready for dispatch
44% off RRP
$25.99 per bottle
In stock, ready for dispatch

A few ago, an exceptional Pinot Noir landed on our doorstep.

It was an unfinished barrel sample from tiny boutique Tasmanian producer Derwent Estate. At the time, the juice was destined for other labels and it was nothing more than a taste - a  hint of what the winery could make.

And we loved it. Our little tasting team huddled around the bottle pondering. What could we do with this delicious wine? 

Hence the Wildside Pinot Noir was born, and it created a legend. A stunning Pinot, from a mature vineyard just outside of Hobart growing grapes for Australia's most famous wineries (including Penfolds for the $150 Yattarna), at a very fair price. We sold all of it.

Now the bigger brother 2017 Wildside Reserve Pinot Noir has arrived and it steps up a level again. Now a barrel selection, it's richer, more fragrant and even more serIous. Although none of us had any input into how the wine was made, we feel like this is ours, and it's a beauty.

It's a wine very close to our hearts. A superb Tasmanian red, from a celebrated vineyard, that we adore.

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How’s it taste?

Fragrant aromas of red fruits with hints of spice that continue onto the juicy palate. Well-crafted, elegant and outstanding value for money this is a superb Tassie Pinot.

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Wine Panel Manager

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