2016 San Marzano Il Pumo Sangiovese

2016 San Marzano Il Pumo Sangiovese


Epic value Sangiovese from the crew behind San Marzano. This is something extraordinary for the price. As is typical for Puglian reds, this is inky and chunky. But there's still a savouriness in that sea of black fruit. So much wine!

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How's it taste?

Bold purple red berries in a ripe and concentrated style, the tannins drying and adding an extra layer of savouriness to what is otherwise a juicy, black fruited style.

How was it made?

Made from a blend of predominantly Sangiovese, with Malvasia and Aglianico for good measure. Sourced from vines with an average age between 15-30 years, from very red soil rich in iron oxides lying upon a layer of calcareous rock, located in the Salento region. The wine is destemmed and then crushed, with maceration occurring under a controlled temperature for 8-10 days with regular pump overs. Draining off and malolactic occurs in stainless steel tanks. Alcohol - 13.5%

Who made it?

San Marzano is a small village in the centre of the Primitivo di Manduria DOC region, a strip of land kissed by the two seas of the Salento: the Ionian and the Adriatic. In 1962 the DOC appellation did not yet exist. Even so, 19 winemakers came together to follow a dream and founded Cantine San Marzano. However, it wasn't until 1996 and the introduction of a new bottling plant that San Marzano wines could move from commodity to brand. With the growth of the brand and company, San Marzano set themselves a goal: 'To make a wine just like the one our fathers did and make it original and contemporary.' This was to be the Sessantanni Primitivo di Manduria DOP, one of the iconic labels of the company, and one which embodies the essence of the San Marzano philosophy. Today the collective continues to flourish with the aquisition of new vineyards and opportunities to explore.

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