2016 La Gemière Loire Valley Sancerre

2016 La Gemière Loire Valley Sancerre

$40.99 per bottle
In stock, ready for dispatch
$40.99 per bottle
In stock, ready for dispatch

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How’s it taste?

A pale yellow color with platinum reflections. An intense and complex nose with notes of white flowers, citrus and a slight vegetal nuance. The palate is characterized by its freshness and roundness. The aromatic persistence is long on floral notes, peach.

Who made it?

In 1981, Daniel and Josette Millet built a winery on a plot of land in Sancerre named 'La Gemiere.' Thus the Domaine was born. In 2000, their sons Sebastian and Nicolas joined the business to work the 45 acres that the family currently hold. Most of the plots that the family hold are in the village of Crezancy in Sancerre, with a few in Bue also. The varying soils of Sancerre provide the distinct minerality that the region is famed for. The Millet family work their land with respect and passion. With their unique terroir in mind, they put a focus on bringing out the individual qualities of the region through their wines.

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