2016 Jaffelin Bourgogne Chardonnay

2016 Jaffelin Bourgogne Chardonnay

37% off RRP
$25.99 per bottle
In stock, ready for dispatch
37% off RRP
$25.99 per bottle
In stock, ready for dispatch

No, not all Burgundy needs be expensive. Well, at least when wines like this Jaffelin Bourgogne are available!

With all the white peach and cream of proper white Burgundy, this delicate and restrained Chardonnay is just the ticket for anyone after a proper Burgundy experience at a very fair price.

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How’s it taste?

Appearance: In the glass, it is a brilliant yellow colour with gold hints. Nose: The nose is clear with a nice freshness. It has fragrances of yellow fruits with stones, citrus fruits and white flowers. Palate: the wine is very frank with a lot of liveliness. It develops the same aromas like its nose with a final of vanilla and honey. Very pleasing flavours between acidity and fruit.

Who made it?

Jaffelin’s history is inseparable from that of the Collégiale Notre Dame de Beaune (the Notre Dame collegiate church in Beaune). Over the centuries, their cellars have housed the wines of the Collégiale and the Cardinals. The cellars changed ownership in 1816, when the Jaffelin brothers established themselves as negociants in the region. Today their wines rest in the monastic tranquility of the Chapitre’s cellars, just as they did eight centuries ago. Jaffelin entered a new chapter in its history in 2004, after completely renovating the vat room, and equipping it with modern winemaking equipment. They strive to bring out the Burgundy terroirs, cru by cru, wine by wine, at every stage of the winemaking process.

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