2014 Pavie

Technical Attributes
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Winemakers Note

Perse Latitudes After a first career in the retail industry, Gérard Perse decided in the 1990s to fulfill his passion for vineyards and wine. His future would be written in Saint-Emilion, his land of choice. He acquired, among others, Château Pavie, a premier grand cru classé 'A' of Saint-Emilion, Monbousquet, a classified grand cru of Saint-Emilion, and later Clos Lunelles in Castillon, Côtes de Bordeaux. Wine is a product that can be enhanced both by its origin and the dishes associated with it. Thus the Perse Family acquired the Hostellerie de Plaisance, a renowned place of gastronomy and lifestyle, which later became Hôtel de Pavie along with its double Michelin-starred restaurant, La Table de Pavie. The collaboration since 2020 with Yannick Alléno, a true icon of French gastronomy, embodies the new dynamics and ambition embraced by the family. Château Pavie, "Saint-Emilion Premier Grand Cru Classé A" The wine history of Château Pavie goes back to the 4th century. The estate experienced a remarkable renaissance in 1998 when it was acquired by the Perse family. Under the stewardship of Gérard Perse, the estate ascended to the pinnacle of the appellation, culminating in its prestigious promotion to Premier Grand Cru Classé A in 2012. The vineyard of Château Pavie boasts a rich tapestry of terroirs, ranging from the "limestone plateau" of Saint-Emilion, situated approximately 85 meters above the Dordogne River, to the "middle of the hill" at around 55 meters above the Dordogne. This exceptional terroir gracefully manifests itself in the wines, bestowing upon them elegance, finesse, freshness, and purity. In 2022, Château Pavie welcomed two additional vineyards from the Perse family, namely Château Pavie-Decesse and Château Bellevue-Mondotte, expanding its vineyard's surface area by just under 5 hectares.