2014 Geoff Merrill Single Vineyard McLaren Vale Merlot

2014 Geoff Merrill Single Vineyard McLaren Vale Merlot

45% off RRP
$13.99 per bottle
In stock, ready for dispatch
45% off RRP
$13.99 per bottle
In stock, ready for dispatch

This McLaren Vale Merlot is proper good. So good that we had to stop and check that Geoff hadn't mislabelled one of his special reserve wines. 

 What makes this red great is that the classic Merlot fruit has some proper structure behind it, with actual tannins and flavour making this impressive mid-weight vino. Not that we're surprised, Geoff Merrill has a way with Merlot and a way with McLaren Vale... Are you going to go his way? 

If you like Merlot, or have a friend who likes Merlot, or a dog named Merlot, or a dog that drinks Merlot - then what are you waiting for? Grab some of this today!

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How’s it taste?

The colour is a very dark red with great depth and vibrancy with aromas displaying blackberry, cinnamon, earth, fruitcake and violets blended with cedary oak, vanilla and chocolate. The palate is powerfully structured belying its age, keeping the distinctive fruit in check.

Who made it?

Geoff Merrill has been making wines under his own label since 1980. He purchased the Mount Hurtle winery in 1985. The derelict building is now restored to its former glory and lies nestled in four acres of vineyard and garden with Tuscan inspired charm. The winery and 1500 square metre barrel hall completed in 1998 cope well with the rigours of modern winemaking. Geoff's winemaking philosophy is to make wine that allows regional, varietal and vintage expression without excessive winemaker intervention. Geoff specialises in shiraz and cabernet sauvignon and believes that great wine is a matter of balance. He strives for subtle, elegant and harmonious flavour, with an unwavering commitment to styles that can be enjoyed at table. Premium reds are released 3 years after harvest, while the reserve selection and Henley labels are held in the cellar for oak and bottle maturation for 5 years prior to release.

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