2010 Canon 2010 1500mL

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Winemakers Note

Château Canon, a timeless Premier Cru Château Canon was gradually brought into the 21st century after its acquisition in 1996 by the CHANEL Company. It took twenty years to restructure the vineyards, reinforce the underground galleries and return this 1er Grand Cru Classé to its former glory. Today, the property has reclaimed its original luster. Château Canon’s remarkable walled vineyard borders the entrance to the Saint-Emilion village. Several million years old, its soil is very homogeneous. The vine grows leisurely and harmoniously on limestone bedrock veined with clay. Its roots plunge down into the sediments, which have survived the ages, flourishing in the soil’s clay texture with good water retention. Then, under Château Canon’s vineyards lies a 30-kilometre labyrinth of underground galleries. These galleries are unique in the world and a well-kept secret. At Château Canon, we work alongside Nature. It is through the reiteration of Nature’s seasons and colours and the repetition of painstaking work, that our wines are built. Here, it is better to use craft methods, as the teams believe in the value of work carried out by hand. History and tradition are not regarded as a burden, but as a blessing. With each motion, the wine is reborn in the vineyard each year. Château Canon is a wine that speaks of longevity. It evokes the history of the property and resists the passage of time. It is both ageless and timeless. Voluptuous, full-bodied and silky, Château Canon defies the years. To be noted, the estate has started its conversion to Organic Farming in 2021.

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