2009 Mystery Museum Release Margaret River Cabernet Merlot

2009 Mystery Museum Release Margaret River Cabernet Merlot


We've dived into the dark recesses of a certain winery's cellar in a bid for glory - and come up with a wonderful aged wine that we thought was sold out sometime in 2017. 

This 2009 Mystery Margaret River Museum Release Cabernet Merlot is just the ticket for anyone who loves savoury aged reds too. 

Crafted from a 10/10 vintage in Margaret River, this Cabernet Merlot comes from an ultra-boutique property renowned for long-lived wines. 

In fact, the winery believes their wines need age to show their best, with the current vintage release (which are 96 pointers) from the 2010 vintage! This 2009 is in a good spot too, with the rich flavours of youth starting to soften nicely. 

A quality aged red and at a ridiculous price...

Tech stuff

Cabernet Merlot
Mystery Winery
Margaret River
Cellar to 2022
Screw Cap



How's it taste?

Aged Margaret River beauty! This wine is a blend from five different parcels of premium fruit. Delicate flavours of chocolate, cassis and dried herbs meld seamlessly with the silky tannins derived from quality French oak. 77% Cabernet Sauvignon 18% Merlot 5% Cabernet Franc. Has been cellared under perfect conditions at the winery and released now. Cedar, dark chocolate and earth, with a soft and leathery palate of classic aged Cabernet character. Gentle and very savoury style

How was it made?

Grapes are handpicked, with a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc fruit. Wine is matured for 10 months in 30% new French oak barrels.

Who made it?

Our Mystery Wineries are found right around the country, some of which you will know very well. Many of our Mystery Wines are already well known to wine buyers and sell for much higher prices under their own label. But winemakers need to eat, and when it comes time to find space for a new vintage, they naturally want to sell whatever they can quickly. Which is where we come in. What we do is agree to take a few cases of said wine in exchange for a better price (so we can sell it cheaper). The condition being that the wine can't be sold cheaper under it's original label, so they either come up with a new label just for us, or we agree not to advertise the original brand (hence the "Mystery"). The end result is the same wine, but at fantastic bargain prices! The ethos with these wines is simple: - The original wine must always be a bottled and labeled product (we'll never sell cleanskins). - Our Mystery Wines are all covered by our full money back guarantee, purely because we know the vino in the bottle is good quality. - We'll never sell below par, 'out of condition' wines. Ever. - The intention is for bargains. Same wine, hidden label, cheaper result.

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