Hi I'm Elly,

I'm one of The Wine Collective Sommeliers. I've been working in the wine industry since I was 18 and worked in awesome restaurants including est., Grossi Florentino, Spice Temple and Rosetta. In my spare time I can be found drinking wine in a nearby bar and eating antipasto, but these days I'm settling for homemade antipasto and bottles of Beaujolais on my balcony.

2019 Garagiste Le Stagiaire Chardonnay

I used to pour this wine when I was the Head Sommelier at Rosetta. A really moreish chardonnay, it's mineralyl driven and a bit of a lean style - not a huge buttery Chardonnay but the texture is definitely still there (thanks to 9 months of lees contact). If you're not much into Chardonnay this is a great one to get yourself re-acquainted with the grape!

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2019 Meadowbank Gamay

Combining two of my favourite things - Tasmanian wine and Gamay! Meadowbank is made by the incomparable Peter Dredge, an unbelievably talented winemaker. Gamay is a bit like Pinot Noir with bright red fruit and very high drinkability. Serve it slightly chilled alongside a charcuterie plate and you're in for a fantastic evening.

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2017 Terroir al Límit Priorat Históric Negre

Spanish wine is so underappreciated! They have the power and fruit weight us Aussie's tend to love with this added spicy savoury component. This wine is a blend of Garnacha and Carinena - its ridiculously elegant and complex, with bold fruit and plush tannins. It's just delicious!

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