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Cabernet Merlot is a beautiful and luxurious red variety made from the blend of two red grape varieties and has been delectably perfected and crafted in its native France. Now, however, the rest of the world is discovering the grace and beauty of this sometimes bold and fruity and sometimes dry and lean variety, with stunning examples produced out of Australian wineries particularly.

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Cabernet Merlot is a famous blend of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape and the Merlot grape. The delicious blend of these varietals has created many of the finest examples of Bordeaux from France. The versatile blend enjoys a reputation for being both lean and quite dry to fruity and short-lived. There is no one signature Cabernet Merlot blend wine and that’s one of the reasons this is such a gorgeous variety.

Is Cabernet Merlot sweet?

A Cabernet Merlot can be a gentle, sweet tasting wine with blackcurrant tones and mellow red fruit flavours. The Cabernet Sauvignon variety is known for its strong fruity flavours and for its tannins and acidity, while the Merlot is generally known for its lighter and more plummy tasting wine. The blend, therefore, can be a rich and complex tasting wine with great length, balanced beautifully by the two varietals, each serving to offset the other. 

While the famous varieties have been coming out of Bordeaux for centuries, more and more countries are beginning to experiment with producing their own signature Cabernet Merlot blends and Australia ranks highly for producing some of the best the world has seen. The best wine producing regions of Cape Mentelle in the Margaret River, Coonawarra and the Yarra Valley are among the top producers of export-quality Cabernet Merlot. Their spice aroma contains notes of richness, almost like a fruitcake, and the rich red soils of the Margaret River and Coonawarra regions are well known for producing the highest quality red grapes in Australia.

Given the structure of the wine, it makes for an excellent aging wine and a fine vintage will only grow better and better with age, the longer it is cellared. Always store your wines laying down, especially if they have been cork sealed, to ensure that the cork remains moist and holds a good seal. You do not want to discover a corked Cabernet Merlot after ten years of careful aging any more than you want a dry and crumbling cork to fall into your bottle when the day arrives to finally enjoy it.

Food pairing options for a Cabernet Merlot include hard cheese like a blue and cheddar variety, including Gorgonzola. It pairs exceptionally well with roast dishes like chicken and beef. A fine filet mignon with a blue cheese sauce deserves a special bottle of Australia’s finest Cabernet Merlot. For the vegetarians, rich and nutty tasting flavours like a good mushroom dish are also the perfect accompaniment to your bottle. Also consider rich and buttery pasta dishes too. It should never be paired with highly spiced Asian dishes. This is will bring the rich tannins of the Cabernet Sauvignon to the top of its flavour profile and you’ll likely discover the wine tasting sour and a bit like vinegar.

Our complete collection of Cabernet Merlot is available to order online, with tasting notes accompanying each bottle and vintage from our experienced wine experts. You can order online for quick and convenient delivery direct to your door.