Almost wine time...

Everything you love about the shy, upright Cabernet and the more complex, robust Malbec characterises this delightful blend. Ripe, rich and intense, this medium to full bodied wine is deep into flavours of dark berry, plum, blackcurrant and melted chocolate.

Meaty and juicy, it’s not a surprise that this earthy, almost elemental blend goes well with meat dishes. The aroma is more based in herbs like eucalyptus, giving the wine a very earthy feel rather than a spicy aroma. Born in Clare Valley, the Cabernet Malbec features an appropriately elegant long finish that hangs on with tenacity and provides a very satisfying mouthful of grapes, with just a hint of mint.

At a price point you can smile about, Cracka Wines’ Australian selections of Cabernet Malbec are notably less linear and have a bold mid-palate, thanks to low altitude origins in a milder climate. You’ll enjoy its non-bitter tannin with creamy goat cheese or simply a bowl of fresh cherries that bring out its natural fruit flavour.

Though the French termed it “malec” for “mal bouche” or “bad mouth”, the Malbec has a naturally complex personality. These grapes thrive in higher altitudes and can sometimes bring hints of florals like dark violets that work incredibly well with the blackcurrant undertones. Its high acidity is notable and cuts sharply through dishes that feature juicy, grilled tastes and more gamey-tasting meats. BBQs are an obvious choice to bring out the best of a Malbec but, surprisingly, this rich and robust red goes very well with bold salads that feature distinct flavours.

Flavours in this Varietal: Dark berry, plum, melted chocolate, herbs like eucalyptus, florals like dark violets, blackcurrant undertones.

Appropriate Cuisines: Its high acidity cuts sharply through dishes that feature juicy, grilled tastes and more gamey-tasting meats. Toss a bowl of dark beetroot, sharp goat cheese, earthy spinach and hazelnut or enjoy with a creamy dill-may potato salad with a smoked trout.

Complementary Cheeses: Creamy cheeses like goat cheese, mozzarella, Emmental, blue cheeses

Cellaring Potential: 7-10 years