Barwang Vineyard

Credited as the pioneer of the Hilltops wine region, Barwang has forged a reputation for full flavoured wines built up over 40 years of wine production. Barwang History The Barwang winery was founded by Peter Robertson, a WW2 Lancaster bomber tail-gunner whom was introduced to wine by his pilot and friend John Seppelt. When Robertson returned from the war he became a sheep and wheat farmer, settling on a farm near Young, NSW. Robertson then continued in this mode until 1968 when a terrible drought forced him to diversify and re-evaluate. That then lead Robertson to plant grapevines on a corner of his Barwang property (which is now recognised as the first vineyard in the Hilltops wine region). The property was then sold on to Mcwilliams wines in 1989. Barwang Vineyard When Mcwilliams purchased the Barwang property there was some 12 hectares under vine, which has since built to over 100ha. The vineyard itself is managed sustainably and has been recognised for it's 'green' credentials with a Greenpeace 'GREEN' rating in 2009. More recently, the Barwang label has featured some Tumbarumba wines too, highlighting the potential of the exciting new Tumbarumba wine region Barwang Wine Types Historically the highlights of the Barwang range have historically been the Cabernet and the Shiraz, with the Cabernet in particular renowned for intensity and flavour without excess sweetness. These have also been joined by a flagship wine, the '864' Tumbarumba Chardonnay. Beyond these wines, Barwang also produces a Tumbarumba Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris along with a range of 'on premise' restaurant wines under the 'cafe series' name.