Balgownie Estate

Upon the rich soils of Maiden Gully near Bendigo in Central Victoria, lies Balgownie Estate. In 1969, pharmacist Stuart Anderson planted the area’s first vines in over 80 years and by the early 1970’s, was producing outstanding reds which helped pave the way for the rebirth of the Victorian wine industry. Thirty years on, Balgownie Estate is owned and operated by Des and Rod Forrester. Brothers and lovers of wine, both are passionate in preserving the estate’s esteemed history. Balgownie Estate Philosophy The Balgownie philosophy is a simple one. Wine quality is made in the vineyards. Healthy vines make healthy fruit and so the challenge is to continually attain a balance between vegetative growth and moderate yields. Balgownie Estate Vineyard Balgownie Estate features hard clay-like soil with good moisture retention. As a result, the grapes produced are intensely flavoured. According to former Balgownie Estate winemaker, Tobias Ansted, the wines tend to be “savoury and earthy”, when compared to those from South Australian regions. Balgownie Estate Wine Types Cabernet sauvignon and shiraz were the original vine plantings at Balgownie Estate in 1969. Today chardonnay and pinot noir are also planted together with smaller amounts of sangiovese, cabernet franc and viognier. Balgownie Estate Wine Ranges The Balgownie Estate wine range encompasses: The Estate, White Label, Yarra Valley Black Label and Museum Releases.