Austins Wines

During the early 1980’s, Pam and Richard Austin planted their first vines around the Barrabool Hills area, just west of Geelong, at what was originally Waurn Ponds vineyard which was followed up with the purchase of a larger property at Sutherlands Creek in the 1990’s. At around 90 acres Austin’s wines is the largest, family-owned planting of Pinot Noir, Australia-wide. Austin's Wines Location Austins Wines is located within Moorabool Valley, a sub-region of Geelong. Home to some of Victoria’s earliest vineyards, Geelong remains home to many of Victoria’s finest Pinot Noirs and as such is the perfect home of a Pinot Noir specialist such as Austin’s wines. Austin's Philosophy Austins wines has always been driven by an overriding aim to create affordable and consistently good Pinot Noir at a fair price. To this end they have been successful with the wines very pretty, strongly varietal styles that showcase Pinot Noirs elegance and silky structure. Austin's Wine Types Winemaker Scott Ireland of Austin Wines produces Riesling, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon as well as the signature Pinot Noir. Perhaps their best-known wines are those bottled under the award-winning sixfootsix label.