This noble grape variety produces some of the greatest wines in the world. Originating in the Rhine area of Germany, the most renowned examples spring from the Rheingau, Mosel and French region of Alsace. Riesling is a light bodied, fruit-driven wine characterised by perfumed florals, citrus fruits and high acidity. It is a wine of purity and elegance, without the artifice of winemaking influences such as oak. The best examples are compelling reflections of terroir and generally hail from cooler climates. Wines cover a great range of stylistic diversity from dry and off-dry through to very sweet botrytis styles. Dry riesling from the Clare Valley is a classic Australian wine style. Those born of the Polish Hill River district are tightly wound and powerful with intense minerality and extraordinary longevity. They demand time in bottle to reveal their true potential. The Watervale sub-region makes a more approachable, mouthwatering style that is equally prized. The high altitude of Eden Valley gives rise to a uniquely floral expression of riesling with steely, mineral undertones. New Zealand produces delicate riesling with a growing trend towards sweeter styles, particularly from the region of Nelson. Watch Cracka's Video Review