Coonawarra is the red centre of South Australia’s Limestone Coast. The rich red terra rossa soil makes this the most unique and prized viticultural area in the country. It is recognised as Australia’s greatest region for cabernet sauvignon. Leafy regional accents, natural balance and long, fine-grained tannins are hallmarks of classic Coonawarra cabernet. These are elegant wines threaded with cassis, mint and cedar. Shiraz shows raspberry and cracked black pepper spice and small parcels of riesling have a long history in the area. Cabernet sauvignon is often coupled with merlot, malbec and petit verdot in the Bordeaux style or paired with shiraz to make a uniquely Australian blend. The legendary Coonawarra ridge is a long, narrow strip 12km long and just 2km wide. It is home to 6,200 ha of vineyard today, with some of the earliest plantings dating back to 1890. The 25 million year old, primordial geology was formed by weathering of an ancient receding sea coast. Exposed rusty red loam lies over a thin layer of calcrete and deep bed of free draining limestone above a large basin of artesian water. The Mediterranean climate is moderated by sweeping cloud cover and the cooling influence of the Southern Ocean. The union of soil, site and climate provides one of the longest ripening seasons in the world. Founded by Alexander Cameron, the nearby village of Penola is the oldest town in the South East. [Coonawarra] Honeysuckle - Pinjunga Aboriginal word